Stars in their bubble bath, or the book that has absolutely no interest

It was while walking through second-hand bookstores in Lyon that I unearthed "Movie Stars in Bathtubs" by Jack Scagnetti.I don't know who Jack Scagnettti is, but the list of his works was enough to attract my attention.Please note: “Racquetball for women”, “The Joy of Walking”, “The Laurel & Hardy Book”, “The life and loves of Clark Gable” and a book on pollen and bees.our man has diverse interests.I like weirdos.So a photo album that is a compilation of shots of actors and actresses in bathtubs, I couldn't pass up that.The sum was low (8 euros), I bought.And, well installed in my favorite chair, I scrutinized the photos (no text, or almost).

On the women's side: Jayne Mansfield in a foam bath (we see almost nothing, but we would like), Jane Russell in a foam bath (we do not see anything, but we look anyway), Mamie Van Doren in a foam (we see a little, battery side), Joan Crawford with a phone in a foam bath (we can see the phone).Male side: Clint Eastwood in a bath without foam (there is nothing to see), Robert Mitchum in a tub (nothing to see), Gary Cooper in a bathtub (blah), and John Wayne in the shower (great blah)…

The book ends with pictures of animals: an orangutan in a bubble bath in "Planet of the Apes", a poodle in a tub in "The Great American Pastime" and the elephant in "The Party" well.soaped up, just before he dives into the pool thanks to Peter Sellers.Name of a little guy! Jack Scagnetti has managed to collect more than two hundred and fifty photos, and to publish them in a book of no interest! Strictly ! Totally! Masterfully! And are there people who have enough truffles to buy this? Of which me ? I wonder about my sanity, say.Extract from "Movie Stars in Bathtubs".

Posted Date: 2020-11-28

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